About Us

Mindset Media is a world-class events promotion agency in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with a particular focus on electronic music. Inviting a few international and some local and regional DJs for one-off small events in the early days, Mindset Media is now bringing to the island some of the biggest names on the music scene, and introducing concepts such as Boiler Room, all of which contribute to developing a leading-edge music culture and scene in Bahrain.

Mazen, the Agency’s founder, is an artist in his own rights as DJ and producer. With a strong passion for music, his journey started with a love for jazz, soul, funk and disco in his teen years. This passion further developed in the early 80’s when he had his first encounter with electronic music and the sound of Kraftwerk. In the 90’s his music horizons further broadened with the sounds of Chicago, New York House and Detroit Techno. He brings all these styles and experiences to the Bahrain dance floor.