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Bahrain Music Conference

A first in the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain Music Conference was organized in 2014 to foster a better understanding of the electronic music scene and its different players. Inviting House and Techno DJs from Europe and the USA to meet with local talent, involving music producers, Red Bull Music Academy and party organizers, this symposium was the opportunity of many enriching debates, musical experiences and great parties culminating with the unique Detroit Sound icon Derrick May.


A Bahrain-born event, Propaganda was created by Mindset Media Bahrain founder Mazen. It relies on a simple and proven concept: bring great artists, provide an amazing sound system and create a fantastic vibe with a regular following. Each Propaganda House party has been a huge memorable success!

Over the years, Propaganda has notably welcomed

  1. Alex Kid https://ra.co/dj/alexkid
  2. Franck Roger https://ra.co/dj/franckroger
  3. Jef K https://ra.co/dj/jefk
  4. Maksim https://ra.co/dj/maksim
  5. Sebo K https://ra.co/dj/sebok
  6. Ian Pooley https://ra.co/dj/ianpooley
  7. Dana Rhu https://ra.co/dj/danaruh
  8. Phil Weeks https://ra.co/dj/philweeks
  9. Maher Danial https://ra.co/dj/maherdaniel
  10. Spencer Parker https://ra.co/dj/spencerparker

Boiler Room

The first-ever Boiler Room event – a mix of live and online streaming – was brought to Bahrain by Mindset Media. In the Fall of 2021, it welcomed more than 2,000 attendees and featured a mix of international and local artists, giving visibility to little-known Middle-Eastern talent.

Set in a paradisiac seaside resort, the event offered over 12 hours of non-stop music, with names such as

  1. Cassy https://ra.co/dj/cassy
  2. Nastia https://ra.co/dj/nastia
  3. Arapu https://ra.co/dj/arapu
  4. Ferro https://ra.co/dj/ferro

COCOON Bahrain


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